Do Car Windscreens Need Extra Care in summers?

The burning heat waves of summers can be challenging for Autoglass and may ask you for windshield repairs if precautions do not get taken. Summers are not only difficult for us to handle, but the vehicles also suffer in numerous ways. The windscreens especially get affected due to extremely hot weather. The fiery sun and heat waves can result in the breaking and cracking of windshields. Glasses that are already damaged are more prone to breaking. Hence, it is crucial to protect the shield from the harsh effects of summer. 

How temperature affects windscreens?

Hot temperatures alone do not cause the windscreen to crack. The sudden temperature change put extra stress on it and make it more responsive to cracking or chipping. The abrupt temperature fluctuations threaten the integrity of windshields and cause impairment. The windscreens that are already damaged are at a greater risk of breaking further due to high temperatures. All this is because of the temperature differentials. The glass has the property to expand in heat and contract during cold, which cause the cracks and splits to spread. 

Tips to prevent damages

You cannot stop the summers. But, preventing the damages that it may cause to your windscreen is possible. Let us know- How?

  1. Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations- One of the best ways to prevent it from breaking is to avoid the cause. Yes, you can avoid sudden temperature changes by maintaining the inside and outside temperatures of a vehicle. For instance, if your car was out in the heat, then do not turn on the air conditioner as soon as you enter. The sudden temperature change can cause it to break. Therefore, let your car cool down first under a shade. After this, turn on the AC at low and give your vehicle to adjust to the temperature differentials.
  1. Find a shade to park- Parking your car out open in the scorching sun for long period can be harmful to your windscreen. So, it is best if you find a garage or parking basement for it. If you do not get a garage, you can also lookout for a shaded place to protect it from direct sun exposure. 
  1. Be cautious while washing- Washing your windscreen under the direct sun can cause it to break. Letting the windshield cool first will prevent it from cracking. Washing the heated windscreen with cold water can create temperature differentials that may or may not be bearable for the glass. 
  1. Do not slam the doors- Heat makes the glass expand. Closing the doors too hard can cause a sudden shock for the windshield and cause a crack or chip. Already damaged glasses get more vulnerable in such situations and make you look out for car windscreen replacement.
  1. Do not avoid even the tiniest damage- Intense temperature fluctuations combined with pressure and road bumps can cause cracks ranging from tiny to severe. No matter what is the size of the damage, timely car windscreen repair from professionals is mandatory. 


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