Should You Repair Or Replace a Damaged Windshield?

 The importance of automotive glass stays hidden from no one. One such glass is the windshield. The name speaks for itself. It acts as a shield and provides safety and gets made from   two layers of glass, fused with a Poly Vinyl Butyral or PVB layer in between. Although they are durable, they can crack or get damaged too. As windshields get concerned with safety   matters, it is crucial to get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. It is because, at times, the tiniest crack can spread and cause severe accidents. Chipped windshields also   obscure the driver's vision. 

 Repair or replace

 Some instances speak what they need but, some might make you confused. If the windshield gets hit by a rock or any other heavy substance, they straight away need a replacement.       But, sometimes, you might get confused about what to do. To solve this, Windmaster has come up with a guide that will help you analyse the situation. 

A guide to help you determine whether a repair or a replacement is required

Replace or repair, both options have their unique advantages. Repairing a windshield requires less time than getting it replaced. It is also cheaper and can save you some money. But, even after being expensive than repairing, replacements need to get done whenever necessary. It ensures better safety and visibility. 

Both have their advantages, but there are certain instances when one is better than the other. The below-mentioned factors determine what option is best suited for a vehicle. 

  1. Visibility of the operator- A damaged windshield affects a driver's vision the most. Therefore, it is a crucial factor for determining a suitable option. Operating a vehicle with hindered vision risks your life and of the passengers and others on the road. A damaged windshield can also get you in trouble with traffic police. Usually, when vision is affected, a replacement gets recommended to ensure utmost safety. If the crack is not in the line of sight, you can also get it repaired. 
  1. The severity of the damage- Windshield gets made from two layers. In most cases, the outside layer gets damaged while the inside remains unaffected. In such cases, repairing can get considered as a suitable option. But, when the damage reaches the inner side, you will have to get it replaced. Additionally, if the crack is too tiny, getting it repaired will be cheaper for you, and if your mechanic says it is severe, be on the safe side and get it replaced. 
  1. Position of the crack or damage- If the crack or damage is around the edges or corners of your windshield- go with a windshield replacement instead of getting it repaired. It is because these regions are the weakest parts and can spread the crack due to vibrations. 
  1. Safety of operator and passengers- We are mentioning this at last because we want you to understand the importance of this concern. To ensure the safety of all, you must get done the Autoglass replacements soon based on the size. If it's too tiny, repairings will also work. 

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