Tips To Take Care Of Your New Windshield!

The best way to save yourself from Autoglass repairs is to take care of it. Undoubtedly, keeping your auto glass in good shape is crucial to ensure your safety on the road. They are the first line of defense that assure your safety in your vehicle. Auto glass does a lot of things to protect you. Don't you feel it also needs your care?

Yes, it's true. Your windshield also needs you to take care of it. It will save you from future repair costs and provide clear visibility. When you get a new windshield installed, you must be extra careful. Below are some tips to take care of your newly installed windshield, and then we will also share some tips to keep your windshield maintained always. 

  1. Skip washing- Autoglass replacement service providers use a strong adhesive to keep the windshield in its place. Although the strongness of the adhesive used is uncomparable, it takes some time to dry. Therefore, you must avoid washing your vehicle for at least 24 hours. It is because soap and water can unstick the adhesive's seal. 
  1. Take it slow- It will take some time to set in properly. Therefore, do not drive too fast and let it get fixed. You must also avoid driving on bumpy roads and in rough weather conditions. Avoiding long trips and not slamming the doors should also get considered. 
  1. Tape is there for a reason- The tape placed by the glass replacers might look bad. But, it is there for a reason. It is called retention tape, whose job is to keep the new windshield in its frame. Now, you might think- What is the adhesive for then? Tape gets placed to keep the glass in its place while the adhesive dries. 
  1. Avoid placing anything on the dash- For some time, do not keep any decorative piece or any other thing on the dashboard. It gets suggested because it can put pressure on the windshield and force it outwards. 

How to maintain Autoglass regularly?

Just like an Autoglass always protect you, whether new or old, it also needs you to maintain it regularly and not just when it's new. Below mentioned are some of the secret tips by Windmaster to take care of your Autoglass.  

  1. Regular checking- o keep it in top shape, you must check it regularly. At times numerous unseen cracks can happen. Therefore, you must examine it frequently and get the damages fixed if you find any. Tiny chips should not get avoided as they can easily spread. 
  1. Temperature change is not good- Extreme temperature change can result in the cracking of a windshield. The temperature inside and outside a vehicle must get maintained. 
  1. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals- Some glass cleaners have harsh chemicals that damage the tint of a windshield. They contain ammonia that destroys the outer appearance of a vehicle. Using approved cleaning solutions will also help you avoid scratches. 

So, to avoid frequent Autoglass replacements, take care of your windshields with utmost precision. 


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