Determine if your windshield is installed precisely or not!

Have you ever had your car windscreen replacement? Do you know if the glass was installed properly? If you don't, your safety, and maybe your life, might be risked in the event of an accident.


In the case of a collision, a windshield that is installed poorly may detach. And once that windshield is gone, you're in danger of being thrown out of the car. Because your windshield is so critical in protecting you from injury, it's crucial to know if it's correctly fixed to your vehicle. Learn how to spot a possible threat in the points below.

Water leakage: If water leaks into your car at the corners of the windshield, there is a possibility that the glass is installed incorrectly. This isn't something you can allow to neglect. If you are currently in this predicament, make an appointment with your local auto glass repair company as soon as possible. Schedule a mobile repair if you can't get to the store.

Lack of installation guarantee: Did the installers offer you a warranty when you had your windshield repairs? If not, that's a warning sign. The work of reputable vehicle glass replacement and repair firms is guaranteed. If you went to a store that didn't offer a guarantee, this may indicate poor installation service.

Operating the vehicle immediately after installation: Do you remember if you drove your car right after getting your windshield replaced? If you did, the glue could not have fully set, putting your safety in danger. Appropriate aftercare is essential when you receive a windshield replacement. The bonding chemical that binds the glass to the frame of your vehicle takes time to restore.

Odd noises while driving at high speed: When you're driving at high speeds, do you ever sense vibrations near your windshield? Those noises might be the consequence of an air leak caused by a faulty windshield seal.

Wavy-looking windshield: In direct sunshine, your windshield should seem smooth and free of defects. If the glass is noticeably defective or wavy, it's a clue that it's of low quality, which might also indicate a problem with the installation. If your windshield seems to be wavy, get to an auto glass repair service as soon as possible. Examine your auto glass with a certified and experienced windshield replacement provider like Windmasters Autocare to see whether it's correctly installed or not. If it isn't, make an appointment for service right immediately.

Contact our team at Windmasters Autocare LLC if your windshield is significantly broken and requires car windscreen repair, or if you believe your present auto glass was placed incorrectly.

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